Surety and Performance Bonds

Whether for public or private jobs, many contractors have a need for Surety Bonds and Performance Bonds as a way of guaranteeing their performance and/or payment to sub-contractors.

HMK has a strong and trusted relationship with the leading bonding companies. This depth allows us to work closely with our contractors through the process of establishing a Surety and Performance bond line regardless of a client’s financial health.

Once a Surety and Performance Bond line is established, HMK works quickly to issue bid bonds and final bonds.

Because of our expertise and established reputation in the field of Surety Bonds and Performance Bonds and access to numerous bonding companies, HMK has the capacity to continually align our clients with the bonding company that is right for them.

The bottom line is that we are advocates for our contractors and we consider ourselves partners when they are seeking profitable work. When clients need bonding, HMK is well poised and prepared to lead them through the process.

HMK clients can expect:

  • Education and guidance as to the purpose and different types of bonds
  • Help for contractors in developing the necessary levels of working capital and equity to meet bonding requirements
  • Our CFO is available as resource for contractor’s CPA’s in developing favorable financial statements suited for the bonding industry
  • A helpful review of bonding requirements and performance guarantees from bid specifications
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