HMK 100th Anniversary Celebration: 1914 to 2014

HMK Staff for 100th Anniversary

Bill Kreitz, President, HMK Insurance

Bill Kreitz, President, HMK Insurance

Thanks to the pre-planning efforts of many HMK employees, the agency was able to commemorate our 100th anniversary with several special occasions throughout 2014.

One of the most rewarding experiences for HMK as a company was committing to build a home for Habitat for Humanity on Bethlehem’s south side. Our staff provided more than 500 volunteer hours of service over a nine-day period to complete the exterior construction of a new home for a local family.

We are a locally-owned small business and we feel it is very important to give back to the community which has allowed us to prosper for the last 100 years. HMK would not have grown into the Lehigh Valley’s largest independent insurance agency without our clients and our company partners. Thank you all for being an important part of our success.

—Bill Kreitz

HMK 100th Anniversary Staff Picnic

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HMK Staff Iron Pigs Outing
with Many of Our Carrier Representatives

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Habitat for Humanity 9-Day Building Blitz: 500 Volunteer Hours from HMK Staff

100th_Habitat_01 100th_Habitat_02 100th_Habitat_03 100th_Habitat_04 100th_Habitat_05 100th_Habitat_06 100th_Habitat_07 100th_Habitat_08 100th_Habitat_09 100th_Habitat_10 100th_Habitat_11

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